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A cold blizzard follows her around wherever she goes, freezing the ground beneath her and killing the plants around her. Her mere touch is also said to be able to freeze a person to death, thus scaring away any potential company. Since she has no control over it, it is much more of a curse than a power. 

Character Description

The Groke (original Swedish name Mårran and original Finnish name Mörkö) is a fictional character in the Moomin stories created by Tove Jansson.[1]She appears as a ghost-like, hill-shaped body with two cold staring eyes and a wide row of white shiny teeth. In the bookWho Will Comfort Toffle?, it is mentioned that she has a tail, but it has never been seen. Wherever she stands, the ground below her freezes and plants and grass die. She leaves a trace of ice and snow when she walks the ground. Anything that she touches will freeze. On one occasion, she froze a campfire by sitting down on it. She seeks friendship and warmth, but she is declined by everyone and everything, leaving her in her cold cavern on top of the Lonely Mountains.

On one occasion in a comic, however, she was hailed as a heroine when she, in her constant search for warmth, extinguished a forest wildfire by sitting on it. In another comic, Snufkin has made a magical potion with seemingly random effects. In curiosity, he drips a few drops on an ant which then transforms into the Groke. It is never made clear if this is how the Groke came to be, or if the ant transformed to another creature of the same type. The ant was never seen again after this.