Lawl of Thrones-0

Lawl of Thrones is a crossover fighting game spinoff of Chincherrinas's Smash Bros. Lawl series. Made by TheBrideKing. The title was taken after the HBO television series "Game of Thrones" and will not to be confused. Also, The Lawl Before Time are the first game spin-off created by TheBrideKing.

It has been inspired by Smash Bros. Lawl Impact and Super Smash Lawl Lambda.

Theme Song

The song is the full choral version of Lucius Dei by Globus. This video is my way of showing that wasn't always the case, and alternatives to anime are still beautiful, still breathtaking, still relevant.




The Game will have a total of 72 characters, while ??? characters have been made while 72 characters have been confirmed making the game have a total of 54 characters confirmed at the moment. There will be tag team characters as well as stand-alone characters. Unlike previous game, there won't be any characters chosen by fans (Empty Slots).

Game Mode

Play Alone

Play with Friends

  • Colossus Arena
  • Time Mode
  • Coin Battle
  • Tage Team Battle
    • CPU vs CPU (Battle Theater)

Character Creation

  • Regular Customize
    • Clothes and Accessories
    • Equipment
    • Colors
  • OC Customize
    • Clothes and Accessories
    • Equipment
    • Colors
    • Voices

Wi-fi Online

  • Tournament
    • 1 on 1
    • Brawl Battle
    • Team Brawl
  • Download Contect
  • Shopping Wall

Museum of Lawl of Thrones

  • Stage Builder
  • Character Profile
  • Music Time
  • Achievments
  • Replays
  • Photo Album


  • Volumes (Sounds, Music, and Voices)
  • Announcer Changer
  • Screen
  • Controls
  • Memory Cards


There is a total of playable several stages in Lawl of Thrones. This does not count any stages that the player has made in Stage Builder and the stages that the bosses are fought on in Classic Mode.


  • TheBrideKing decided to replace Smash Bros Lawl: Dissidia and the Lawl of the Rings until he decides to make new Smash Bros Lawl Spinoff.
  • The Lawl Spin-Off's name comes from Game of Thrones.