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An homage to the numerous other styles and forms of animation that I do not classify as popular 'anime'. These are the forms of animation rapidly being forgotten, and they shouldn't be. The song is the full choral version of Lucius Dei by Globus. Its been pointed out to me that Thundercats used Japanese artists, but to me that doesn't make it 'anime' in the strictest sense. It does go to show I appreciate Japanese animation when it distinguishes itself from the throng. It was animated by Japanese artists without the constraints of the popular anime style; to their credit fully distinguishable from a lot of modern Japanese animation. - The inspiration for this video was a comment I came across in my travels declaring Anime the best and uncontested style for animation, the western style and all others inferior and barely worth bothering about comparatively. As a life long fan of western animation this raised my dander, and I decided to make this video showcasing my personally favorite classical animation to contend with anime. To me there's qualities that resonate in classic animation that anime has never managed to quite grasp, a unique feel to other styles of animation wholly their own. As stylized as Japaneese animation is, to me it lacks the heft of earlier work, the gritty atmosphere, the realism, the detail. Anime is by no means a bad medium or not beautiful art, but it is by no means the ultimate animation form, and this is easy to forget in an era that is seemingly trying to bury the past, dumbing down and kidifying current animation to keep it safe, believing that only anime has the right to address mature themes. This video is my way of showing that wasn't always the case, and alternatives to anime are still beautiful, still breathtaking, still relevant. Without the speed lines, without the big eyes, without the massive swords, humble, dirty, bloody, daring... They're not anime, but they're still animation.

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